Treating Mind and Spirit as One

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Spirituality and the Workplace

Finding Serenity in Times of Uncertainty WESTINA MATHEWS, PhD Receive support for creating space and time to slow down, reflect, and be still. You will experience meditation, journaling, reflection and periods of silence; and leave with resources and suggested practices for finding serenity and inner peace during these times of uncertainty in the workplace. Wednesday, read more

Gary Hellman Receives Psy.D Degree

Gary Hellman received the Psy.D Degree (Doctor of Psychology) on May 8, 2009 from the Graduate Theological Foundation in South Bend, Indiana. This degree brings together his years of study and practice engaging the fields of psychology, the behavioral sciences, philosophy and theology, and the practice of integrating psychotherapy and spirituality as his specialization. Dr. read more

Healing & Centering: The Mind-Body Connection

The power to heal is deep within the silence of our bodies. JANE D. MOFFETT, PhD, LCSW Dr. Moffett is offering this introductory evening workshop series in mind-body approaches for three weeks – come to one or come to all. These workshops will present a variety of approaches to being present for the information our read more

Anger, Hurt & Forgiveness

Is Reconciliation Possible? LYNN ANDERSON, LMFT Holding a grudge has been likened to taking poison and hoping the enemy will die. While the beneficial effects of forgiveness are well-documented, research shows that forgiveness itself is a complex problem. Recognizing that “easy” forgiveness is not the goal for either psychological or spiritual development, this workshop will read more