Supporting Spirituality as a Resource for Healing, Wholeness, and a Meaningful Life.

Leaders in Psychotherapy, Clinical Training, and Community Assistance since 1975.


Please join us in welcoming Rebeca Brau Martinez and Viviane Zaccour to PSI’s learning and teaching community

Fordham University graduate
with an MA in Mental Health Counseling
and Spiritual Integration

Reflections on Trinity Church Wall Street’s “Intersections Between Spirituality and Mental Health” Symposium

Featuring current PSI Executive Director Sarah McCaslin, and PSI therapist and previous Director Mary Ragan


PSI’s committed professionals all work from a foundation of spiritually-informed care, addressing the intangible with intention. They employ a variety of new and established therapies to address the complex needs of modern individuals.

Please refer to individual clinicians for information on treatment  specializations (see below).     

PLEASE NOTE: Due to current NY State licensing conditions, PSI clinicians may only serve those physically in the state of clinician’s licensure. This applies to telehealth visits as well as in-office treatment. Please consult your practitioner with any questions.

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