Testimonials from people attending previous Summer Certificate Programs

“PSI’s 6-week course covered a lot of information that was presented succinctly and pragmatically. The instructors were well versed in their respective fields of family systems, sexuality, diversity, addictions, conflict, grief, and trauma while exquisitely interweaving the spiritual perspectives.

“The structure was a lovely balance of lecture and participation. The topics were clear, engaging, and thought-provoking. There were poignant case vignettes that provided clear understandings how to integrate these modalities into your clinical practice.

“The main benefits came from the lectures and interacting with the other participants, sharing experiences, reading assignments, writing our reflection paper, and receiving individual feedback. Not only was the course interesting and challenging, it was inspiring to listen, learn and share how we integrate spirituality in our practices.” ~ PB 2017


“As a secular therapist, PSI’s spiritually integrated Psychotherapy course intrigued me as “an opportunity to undertake structured and sustained study of key intersections between spiritual wisdom and psychological insight, ”  and  more than delivered on the learning objectives! I see clients who present with relational issues, addictions, conflict, grief and trauma, yet it is the spiritual perspectives that often are left unattended in the therapy room.  This course  has provided  me with a deeper  understanding  and appreciation  how to allow my clients to be fully present with themselves.

“This is particularly evident in my work with clients who have experienced trauma, whether “T” or ” t”, most notably when using EMDR. Clients who have professed little or no spirituality often surprise themselves when they invoke God as their protective, nurturing, wise, figures. Integrating psychotherapy and spirituality can be truly profound for both client and therapist.” ~ 2016 Student

PSI is recognized by the NYS Ed. Dept. Office of Professions:  Provider #SW-0252 /#MFT-0044/#MHC-0081/#CAT-0076

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