Ann Durant, LCSW

Live Passionately, Authentically & Creatively!

Ann Durant is a licensed psychotherapist who works with individuals, couples, and groups. She specializes in working with performing, visual and literary artists. She has an extensive background in the arts which she integrates into her practice.

Ann’s approach is based on the deeply held belief that we are all inherently creative and that personal self-expression is essential to maintaining our emotional well-being. She works psychodynamically, and also draws upon expressive arts and mindfulness techniques to help her clients reconnect with and integrate their unique creativity into their daily lives.

Ann works with individuals and collaborating artists. She helps them deepen their creative process and achieve their full potential by resolving personal and professional problems including:

  •       Creative Blocks
  •       Stage-fright
  •       Motivation
  •       Self-Confidence
  •       Perfectionism
  •       Anxiety
  •       Depression
  •       Relationship Difficulties
  •       Career Issues

Ann received her MSW from New York University and holds a certificate in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy from The Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Study Center. She has extensive training in Expressive Arts Therapy from numerous programs including The New England Art Therapy Institute and The Center for Touch Drawing. In 1996, she founded Counseling for The Creative Arts.

Ann is a licensed psychotherapist in NY State. She can be reached at: or 212.780.3271

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