Treating Mind and Spirit as One


Pastor and Pastoral Counselor, by Rev. John Kamas, SSS

Parochial ministry has been the center of my life for the past twenty years. Six years were spent as an associate and fourteen as a pastor. It has been a wonderfully fulfilling and rewarding time. However, I must admit that my pastoral education did not prepare me for the complexity of ministry in a parish read more

9-11: A Reflection on Trauma and Meaning, By Gary L. Hellman, Psy.D, LP, LMHC

PSI’s Trinity Counseling Center is located two blocks south of the World Trade Center, was well within the “red zone” after 9/11. I was downtown that day. I saw the South Tower fall and raced around a corner not to be engulfed in smoke and debris. I fled with many to Staten Island and spent read more

An Appreciation of Edwin Friedman, by Rev. William McD. Tully

A turning point in my ministry was the day in late 1981 that I asked the late Edwin Friedman for some pastoral supervision. In those days, he was only talking about his book Generation to Generation, for which a whole generation have come to know him. But what he had to say about emotional process read more

The Power of the Creative Arts in Psychotherapy and Spirituality, by Julia Kristeller, M.Ed

In recent years the various modalities of the creative arts therapies including visual art, drama, music, movement and dance, and poetry and writing, have gained widespread use as vehicles for healing in healthcare settings and in psychotherapy. read more

Women and Self-Esteem, by Mary Ragan, PhD, LCSW

It was Vita Sackville-West who once wrote: “I worshipped dead men for their strength, Forgetting I was strong.” This may be an important couplet to remember as we consider the topic of women and self-esteem, a topic which seems to me to be at the heart of so many of the other problems that women read more