Treating Mind and Spirit as One


Mid-Life: Change, Transition and Re-Definition, by Mary Ragan, PhD, LCSW

The questions that mid-life raises can be posed in many different ways. Here is how Malcolm X put it over thirty years ago: “We want to know what we are. How did we get to be what we are? Where did we come from? How did we come from there? Who did we leave behind? read more

Coping with Envy, by Alan Chisholm, MDiv, LP, NCPsyA

A woman discovers that someone has taken a key and scratched the finish on her new car. A man has made a presentation about a new product and finds his colleagues strangely quiet. Another person has made real efforts to help a friend in distress, but is made to understand that nothing works, his help read more

Recovering from Shame, by Alan Chisholm, MDiv, LP, NCPsyA

A few years ago an article on the front page of the Sunday Times caught my attention. It was about a bold journalistic step taken in a series published in the Des Moines Register. A woman, Nancy Ziegenmeyer, told the story of her rape, from the assault itself through her experiences with the police, the read more

Psychotherapy and Spirituality: Birds of a Feather, by Gary L. Hellman, Psy.D, LP, LMHC

Psychotherapy and Spirituality are traditional methods of care for the soul. People use each of these methods to grow, to heal, and to face the deepest meanings of life. Each tradition focuses its effort in a rigorous practice as well as a thoughtful inquiry. However, these two traditions need some explanation when linked together. In read more

Living Peace, by Gary L. Hellman, Psy.D, LP, LMHC

PSI Staff and clergy discussion March 2, 2011 St. John’s in the Village Episcopal Church Presentation by Gary Hellman Any attempt to speak about “LIVING PEACE” is sure to lead to over promising or under performing in a short or even a long presentation. My desire to speak about “living peace,” points, indeed, to a read more