Treating Mind and Spirit as One

Returning Vets: Bringing It All Home

A community of caring with and for servicemembers returning from Irag & Afghanistan Joseph C. White, Veteran US Army, OEF, OIF Mary Ragan, SOCIAL WORKER, PSI If you have returned from Iraq or Afghanistan, or other active duty assignments, come to PSI’s “Bringing It All Home” to share your experience with others who have been read more

Effective Communications for Life & Work

How to deepen understanding and establish rapport in business & personal relationships. MICHAEL BEDNARKSI, PhD The Effective Communications workshop will help individuals assess their unique style of communicating and its impact on work and personal relations. You will learn how you are perceived by others as well as recognize the communication needs of others. This read more

Spiritual Problem – Spritiual Solution

Journeying into the Spiritual “Dis-ease” of Addiction KATHLEEN KELLEY, D.Min (c), LMFT Alcoholism and addictions are often defined as a malady of the spirit, mind and body, when the spiritual malady is over, the physical and mental can straighten out. While alcohol and other drugs cannot touch the spirit directly they do ‘knock out the read more

Spiritual Dimension of Life & Work

SPIRITUAL LONGING How a spiritual relationship can ignite the human heart to love at all levels. REV. MARK BOZZUTI-JONES THERESE RAGEN, PhD Rev. Mark Bozzuti-Jones, Trinity Wall Street’s Priest for Pastoral Care and Nurture, will join PSI to share about Trinity’s heart and spirit for pastoral counseling. read more

Hope & Recovery

Addiction and recovery are a place where we can discover the spiritual dimension of life. KATHLEEN KELLEY, D.Min (c), LMFT It is widely believed that spiritual factors play a key role in the origin, course of, and recovery from addictions. While alcohol and other drugs cannot touch the spirit directly, it does “knock out the read more