Treating Mind and Spirit as One

Psychology Today: To Stay or Not to Stay in Managed Care – Why I can’t afford to remain a therapist in a system I believe in

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Register now for May 23 Seminar ”Our Brains, Our Beliefs, and Our Well-Being: Integrating Neurobiology, Spirituality, and Psychology”

With: Edmund Griffin, MD, PhD Mary Ragan, PhD, LCSW This seminar is designed for clinicians, clergy and other curious people who are interested in exploring a more integrated approach to: how our brains work how behavior is shaped, and how spirituality can be a force for good or ill, with special emphasis on differential diagnosis read more

Cleveland Cavaliers Foreward Kevin Love, on Panic Attacks and the Benefits of Counseling

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Looking for topics and speakers for PSI Fall Conference 2018!

When contemplating the intersection between psychotherapy and spirituality:   What topic(s) interest you?  Who would you love to hear speak? PSI’s annual Fall Conference is designed to inspire dialogue, raise awareness, and build a community of professionals interested in the intersection between spirituality and psychotherapy. Traditionally, many therapists have shied away from the spiritual dimension of read more

Conversations with Parts of Ourselves: A Writing Journey

Every Monday, Feb 26 – Apr 9 222 W 11th St, New York, NY 10014-2276 Hosted by Kim Schneiderman, LCSW Have you ever noticed that a part of you feels one way about something while another part feels differently? Do you ever find parts of yourself pulling in opposite directions? You’re not going crazy. Human read more