Treating Mind and Spirit as One

Dr. Mary Ragan’s slides from discussion “Trauma Response & Treatment: What Faith Traditions Can Teach Us”

The following slides were referenced by Dr. Mary Ragan in the May 1 discussion “Trauma Response & Treatment: What Faith Traditions Can Teach Us.”  Video of Dr. Ragan’s presentation and other segments from that conversation will be coming soon.   read more

2019 “Mindful Therapy for Anxious Times” Conference Resource Page – Slides, Videos, Photo Highlights

Keynote Presentation by Mark Epstein, MD PSI’s 2019 Annual Conference, “Mindful Therapy for Anxious Times,” was held on Saturday, January 12 at Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church in Manhattan. Keynote speaker Mark Epstein, MD, led an instructional and experiential day-long conference exploring how mindful psychotherapy techniques can help manage and decrease anxiety, especially during times of read more

Reframing Your Narrative About Challenging Relationships

Have you ever noticed that the same type of person keeps showing up in your life and pushing all of your buttons? Why do these individuals and situations keep appearing in the storyline of your life? Is it just to senselessly aggravate you? If you answered “yes,” you may feel like a victim, and that read more

PSI Presents Mark Epstein, M.D. as Annual Conference Keynote Speaker, 1/12/19

Tickets for this Conference are Sold Out Mark Epstein, MD Author of: Advice Not Given The Trauma of Everyday Life Thoughts Without a Thinker Going to Pieces without Falling Apart Mindful Therapy For Anxious Times Join psychiatrist Mark Epstein, MD, and staff from the Psychotherapy & Spirituality Institute for an instructional and experiential day-long conference read more

Psychology Today: “How Are You Growing? Changing our catch-up conversations can help us feel more connected” by Kim Schneiderman L.C.S.W., M.S.W

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