Treating Mind and Spirit as One


Playgrounds are the “Geography of Hope”: A Week with Migrants in San Antonio, by Mary Ragan, PhD., LCSW

by PSI Executive Director Mary Ragan, PhD, LCSW   I’ve struggled to write something about my week of volunteer service with American Gateways in San Antonio, Texas, working with migrant families who have crossed the border seeking safety from persecution and a better life for their children. Any entry point I thought of seemed either read more

The Challenge of Using Digital Technology Mindfully – A Buddhist Perspective

by H. Kimball Jones, MDiv, PhD, LMHC We are living in a “digital age.” As I enter the 9th decade of my life, I am struck by just how much digital technology has transformed our lives. For more than half of my life there were no computers, no internet, no email, no cell phones, no read more

Fight, Flight or Be Present? How Mindfulness Can Help Us Cope With Anxious Times

by Kim Schneiderman, LCSW, MSW We live in turbulent times. Not since the 60’s has the nation been so volcanically divided along ethical and political lines, as climate change threatens to destroy the planet with wildfires, drought, floods, extreme heat and poverty for millions… that is, if violence, war, or tyrants with nuclear weapons don’t read more

“When you don’t know what you really want…”

by Edmund Griffin, MD, PHD My 3-year-old son insisted that he was not sleepy. It was 30 minutes past bedtime, and he was now doing an elaborate dance routine, apparently as proof of alertness. Entertained but unconvinced, I made an executive decision to keep to routine. “Hey guy, it looks like you’ve still got a lot of read more

When is “Sorry” Not Enough?

by Paul Kelly, MA, LMHC, CSAT Have you ever dealt with someone who either can’t or won’t say they’re sorry?   It can be infuriating. Even worse, it can be utterly corrosive to a relationship. And what about the ones who do say “I’m sorry” but continue the same behavior? Perhaps this is even more infuriating. read more