“Spirituality transcends the self: It fosters a sense of meaning, wholeness, harmony, and interconnection with all others – from intimate bonds, to kin and community networks, and to a unity with all life, nature, and the universe.”

~ Froma Walsh, PhD

Consulting with PSI

In 1975, the founders of the Psychotherapy and Spirituality Institute (originally The Center for Human Development,) made a commitment to New York City: to support the emotional and spiritual health of their community and provide services to address the complex needs of the city’s diverse population.

Little did we know how much New York would give back to us.

Challenges that faced the nation throughout the last 50 years sometimes overwhelmed New York City. Our PSI practitioners were hands-on supporters through tremendous upheaval, which included navigating fiscal crises, the AID’s epidemic, the unthinkable aftermath of the World Trade Center attacks, and most recently, the Covid Pandemic. Each plight has given PSI an opportunity to serve those most vulnerable in our community, creating base knowledge and experience that continues to inform what we share today.

PSI has implemented numerous diverse programs for our community, as varied as the challenges we’ve faced. They include:

  • Organizational support and resources for Arab Americans after 9/11.
  • Facilitating networking and collaboration between religious communities to foster tolerance and respect.
  • Giving female veterans agency by developing and producing “In Our Own Voice,” monologues addressing the emotional toll facing women in the military.
  • Hosting symposiums addressing urgent public concerns, the most recent regarding Covid 19 and the aftermath of isolation: “Intersections Between Spirituality and Mental Health.”

To explore how PSI might support your community, network or cause, contact us here.

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