Treating Mind and Spirit as One

How to Contact Us

If this is a psychiatric emergency, please go to your nearest emergency room or contact 911. PSI is unable to respond to psychiatric emergencies through its website.

To make an appointment for counseling or psychotherapy, or for more information about any PSI programs, call (212) 285-0043 for a confidential conversation, or use our contact form if you live or work in the New York City area and we will call you to arrange an appointment or give you the information you seek.

PSI is open to everyone in the New York City metropolitan area. First appointments can often be scheduled with little advance notice. We have four offices in New York City: Wall Street, Midtown/East Side, West Village and Upper West Side.

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Charges for our services are based on a Fee Scale which ranges from $80 to $225 per session, and which is determined according to income and need. In-network insurance services can sometimes be provided through certain plans.

Clergy, employers, and mental health workers are invited to refer people to PSI, or consult with us.

For further information, contact the administrative offices:

120 Broadway, 38th Floor
New York, NY 10271
(212) 285-0043

Gary Hellman, Kimball Jones, Peggy Ann Barnett and Mary Ragan, Area Directors

Kathleen Kelley and Kelly Murphy Mason, PSI Executive Committee

We provide counseling and psychotherapy for persons in the New York City area. Elsewhere, contact the American Association of Pastoral Counselors for referral to a counselor near you (

We cannot provide counseling by e-mail.