David Sorblum, CPA

Board member

In 1999, David Sorblum left his position as CFO of a high pressure company, whose ethics were not in line with his own. He recalls the time:

“I needed to find more meaning in my life and give something back to society. I was introduced to the PSI board and various therapists, and was immediately impressed by their selflessness, integrity, and great knowledge.”

That year Sorblum joined PSI’s board of Directors as Treasurer. He also started his own business consulting firm, DHS & Company Inc. where, as President, he brings his values to bear for the companies his strategies benefit.

David Sorblum has been with PSI through both joyful and tragic events, specifically remembering the organization’s commitment to New Yorkers after 9/11. He sees a bright future for PSI, and believes the organization will expand, serving even more New Yorkers and people beyond.

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