Edmund Griffin, MD, PHD


Edmund Griffin, MD, PHD, is Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry in the Division of Neurobiology and Behavior, Dept Psychiatry Columbia University, and an Attending Psychiatrist at NY Presbyterian Hospital. Dr. Griffin graduated from Columbia University with Honors in Biochemistry in 1996. He received his PhD in Neuroscience, and his MD from Harvard Medical School in 2004. He completed his residency in Psychiatry at New York State Psychiatric Institute/Columbia University in the New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center. Following residency, he did Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at Columbia University, in the laboratory of Nobel Laureate Eric Kandel, MD.

Dr. Griffin’s research and clinical interests focus on the substance abuse disorders. His studies investigate the specific molecular changes in the reward circuitry of the brain during the development and maintenance of addiction, with goal of developing novel and more effective therapeutic interventions. Dr.Griffin’s research has been funded by the Leon Levy Investigator Award, the National Institute of Drug Addiction, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

To contact Dr. Griffin, please visit his website: https://www.edmundgriffinmd.com

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