H. Kimball Jones

Kimball Jones has practiced pastoral psychotherapy at PSI since its inception in 1975.

A practicing Buddhist as well as an ordained Methodist minister, Dr. Jones brings a unique multi-disciplinary experience to his work, encapsulating the motto of PSI to “treat body, mind, and spirit as one.” In this post-pandemic world in which there is so much divisiveness, fear and uncertainty, he sees the importance of helping those whom he serves to find inner calm and stability. These are difficult times which breed much anxiety, depression, and grief.

Dr. Jones uses a variety of approaches in treating these concerns. His training is in both psychoanalytic and behavioral therapy. His doctoral thesis in psychiatry and religion at Union Seminary was on C. G. Jung’s theory of Shadow and Evil and its implication for Christian Ethics. As Vice President of the Board of the C. G. Jung Foundation, he taught courses there on issues of Mid-Life, Depression, and Grief. For several years he taught a course on Death and Dying to hospital staff at several New York Metropolitan area hospitals.

Dr. Jones enjoys working with individuals of all faiths, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. He has extensive experience as a marriage counselor and has had success addressing the concerns of interfaith and inter-racial couples. In 1965, he authored one of the first publications to address faith-based organizations’ need to accept and embrace the LGBTQ population, “Toward a Christian Understanding of the Homosexual” (Association Press, 1965.)

Dr. Jones has worked with many artists and musicians. He is a passionate jazz pianist, whose group, “Riverside Drive” has performed at Birdland and other jazz venues in New York City. He and his wife have three wonderful grown children and four beautiful grandchildren who help keep them young, and continually remind them of the beauty of life.

You can contact Kimball at hkjones@psinyc.org or 212.580.7974

Articles by H. Kimball Jones, MDiv, PhD:

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