Help in Uncertain Times

Psychotherapy and Spirituality Institute is currently offering seminars, free of charge to the public, at Trinity Wall Street Episcopal Church, on dealing with these uncertain financial times. This includes seminars by Dr. Mary Ragan of PSI on “Coping with Stress During the Current Financial Crisis” and by Dr. Michael Bednarski of PSI on “Navigating Career Transitions.” Additional information is available about the time and location of these free seminars. (These seminars were held from Sept.-Dec. 2008).

News Coverage of These Seminars

  • New York Times City Room Blog, 9/19/08: “For Wall Street Needy, No Separation of Church and Sanity”.
  • Star Ledger 9/21/08: “Religion Sees Surge of Investors”.
  • Dr. Mary Ragan of PSI answers questions about coping with the current financial crisis on the Brian Lehrer Show on WYNC on 9/23/08. Listen to the interview now..

Psychotherapy & Spirituality Institute
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