The Rev. John Kamas

Rev. John Kamas, pastor of St. Jean Baptiste Church and dedicated chaplain at Sacred Heart all-girls school, has been an integral part of PSI for many years. His passion for the organization’s mission and unwavering support have left a profound impact on its growth and development.

Rev. Kamas joined the Board of PSI in 1992 and served as Chair for many years. He has always been a source of encouragement and support to the executive leadership of PSI, always seeking to expand its mission and potential.

A native New Yorker and a trained pastoral counselor himself, he understands the depth and complexity of PSI’s work addressing the intersection of psychotherapy and spirituality. His insights and expertise have contributed significantly to the development of successful programs and initiatives.

Rev. Kamas extends his commitment to PSI beyond official roles. He actively fosters a sense of community among PSI staff, hosting annual gatherings at his residence. These events provide not only a space for food and fellowship, but also strengthen relationships within the PSI family.

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