Joseph P Merlino, MD, MPA

Dr. Joseph P. Merlino, MD, MPA, has been an important leader in the field of innovative, ethical, community Behavioral Healthcare for the past several decades. When introduced to PSI, he quickly recognized the unique perspective PSI practitioners were bringing to the field in New York City. 

Embracing a strong religious foundation himself, Dr. Merlino has always understood there is more to psychotherapy than theory and dogma. He was drawn to PSI members’ openness to discussing matters of spirituality beyond “scientific method” and has admired their ongoing dedication to learning from, and helping, one another. 

Dr. Merlino feels that current scientific discoveries are making the hard lines between science and spirituality very porous. As the need for mental health services has never been greater in the U.S., Dr. Merlino feels these new findings will translate into the public seeking more spiritually informed psychotherapy treatment.

Dr. Merlino is a distinguished fellow of numerous esteemed psychiatric and psychoanalysis associations, including the American Academy of Dynamic Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis, of which he is a life fellow and former president. He is currently in private practice in Rhinebeck, NY, and serves on the Vestry of The Episcopal Church of the Messiah.

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