Julia Kristeller

Rev. Julia Kristeller is an ordained Interfaith Minister and Pastoral Care Specialist, with a background in Creative Art Therapies. She brings over 40 years’ experience facilitating creative wellness programs in diverse educational, corporate, spiritual, community, and healthcare settings. Julia’s diverse depth of experience gives her unique insight into human and spiritual development and the importance of the creative process in our personal and collective growth and healing.

At PSI, Julia works in Interfaith Community Outreach and support, particularly with immigrant women and families.  She also offers unique programs for congregations and healthcare organizations focusing on creative, physical, and spiritual sustenance, staff development, and well-being, adjunct to PSI’s psychotherapy services.

A graduate of One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in Manhattan, Julia also holds a Masters in Creative Arts and Learning from Lesley University, and a BA in Psychology and Education from Mt. Holyoke College, is a certified Yoga Teacher and Shamanic Energy Healer, and an aspiring poet. She is the founder of Ovations! offering spiritual and Interfaith services, rituals, retreats, weddings, and other ceremonies. 

Julia has taught undergraduate and graduate students about the power of play as well as expressive and art therapy and presented at conferences nationally and internationally. She also draws on her many years of work with patients, staff and families in hospice and hospitals and her pastoral care experience in congregational settings.

Julia offers a wide range of services that can be customized for your particular group or organizational needs, and may be co-facilitated with other PSI staff.  Examples include:

  •   Coping With Stress: Rest, Resilience, and Rejuvenation
  •   Re-treating Ourselves: Taking Time Out (Workplace Mini-retreats) 
  •   Living with Loss: Sharing the Grit & Grace of Grief 
  •   Nature as Teacher: Becoming More Than Observers
  •   The Way of Words: Journaling and Poetry for SELF Discovery
  •   Yoga from Dawn to Dusk: Short, Simple Practices for Daily Living and Working

“I believe we could be living and working more effectively, fully, and joyfully if we had greater access to the spiritual and creative expression and to our relationship to the natural world—that is our birthright.”

Rev. Kristeller can be reached at jkristeller@psinyc.org.

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