Looking for topics and speakers for PSI Fall Conference 2018!

When contemplating the intersection between psychotherapy and spirituality: 

 What topic(s) interest you? 

Who would you love to hear speak?

PSI’s annual Fall Conference is designed to inspire dialogue, raise awareness, and build a community of professionals interested in the intersection between spirituality and psychotherapy. Traditionally, many therapists have shied away from the spiritual dimension of the psyche, but that is changing as approaches to mental health become more holistic, and mindfulness and meditation become more mainstream. Additionally, research has shown that healthy spiritual/religious practices are often associated with better coping, and less depression, isolation, suicide, anxiety and substance use.

 Our 2018 Fall Conference is in development (watch for our “Save the Date”)

We’d welcome hearing from you on topics of interest, and speakers you feel could enhance your professional development.  

PSI seeks out a diverse array of speakers on timely issues. Past topics and keynote speakers have included:

  • Embracing Diversity and Difference: Empathy as a Bridge to the Other with Rev. Pamela Cooper-White, PhD
  • The Future of Spiritually Informed Treatment with Pilar Jennings, PhD
  • Mindful Listening: Culling and Shifting Client Narratives with Gail Noppe-Brandon, LCSW
  • Bridging Spirituality & Healing with Kenneth Pargament, PhD
  • Struggling with Forgiveness & the Journey of Healing with Rev. Michael Lapsley

Please click the SUGGESTIONS button (or send email to socialmedia@mindspirit.org) and share your ideas!


Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you at the Conference in the Fall! 

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