WHEN: Friday, February 2, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm ET
WHERE: Either ONLINE or in-person at Trinity Commons, 76 Trinity Place, NYC

Digital technology is fundamentally changing what it means to be human. On an individual level, we are more reliant than ever on our smartphones, leading one scholar to conclude that even if we are not yet literal cyborgs, we are, at the very least through our active participation in digital culture, ‘metaphoric cyborgs.’

Psychotherapists are in a unique position to make critical assessments of the risks and potentials of technology and provide guidance oriented toward healing and wholeness.

The conference will include keynote presentations by Dr. Kirk Bingaman, Ph.D. and Dr. Elizabeth Eowyn Nelson, Ph.D., along with a panel of clinicians from the Psychotherapy & Spirituality Institute.

At the conclusion of the conference, attendees will have increased knowledge of the impact of digital technology on the mental and spiritual health of users; proficiency in identifying the risks and benefits of our increased dependence on digital technology; and new strategies and tools for integrating a spiritually-informed modality as a resource for existing clinical practice.

5 CECs available to NYSED certified LMSWs, LCSWs,

For more information, email info@psinyc.org

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