Mia Tootill

Mia Tootill is an integrative psychotherapist and polyvagal theory consultant who believes that therapy has the power to help us feel less alone and change the way we view ourselves. The modern world is challenging and most of us need more glimmers of connection and hope in our lives. Mia’s aim is to help you slow down, get to know your nervous system better, and feel empowered to acknowledge and advocate for your needs.

Mia has a creative and eclectic approach, bringing together polyvagal theory and integrative medicine to look at the mind-body-spirit as a whole system and facilitate deeper healing. In addition to drawing upon her training in AEDP and trauma-sensitive mindfulness, she enjoys collaborating with other integrative providers, from functional medicine doctors and nutritionists to herbalists and bodyworkers. Mia works from a strengths-based, anti-racist, feminist, neurodiverse- and LGBTQ-affirming lens, and believes we’re all the experts of our own nervous systems. As a longtime practitioner of vipassana and metta meditation, Mia understands the potentially transformative impact of contemplative practices and is familiar with a range of spiritual practices, including Buddhism, the Enneagram, tarot, and astrology.

Mia specializes in supporting individual adult clients with the following:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • ADHD
  • HSP-related challenges 
  • Life and career transitions
  • Work/life balance
  • Healer burnout
  • Millennial/Gen Z women’s health
  • Spiritual development
  • Self-understanding and self-compassion
  • Navigating college and graduate school
  • Working in academia/transitioning to alt-ac

Mia is part of Deb Dana’s polyvagal training team, and is currently serving as a co-trainer for the Foundations course. Prior to switching careers to psychotherapy, Mia was a professional musician in London and obtained her Ph.D. in Musicology at Cornell. The latest twist in her winding path has led her to training in sound healing, as a way to incorporate her love of music into her therapeutic work.

Mia is a NY State Licensed Psychotherapist (LCSW) and holds certifications in mindfulness teaching (from The Interdependence Project), integrative medicine for mental health, and the Safe & Sound Protocol. She sees individual clients through teletherapy and in-person at the PSI Tarrytown office. Mia also offers individual and group polyvagal theory clinical consultations to providers who want support in using a polyvagal-informed approach in their work.

Mia can be reached at:

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