Treating Mind and Spirit as One

Julia Kristeller

Rev. Julia Kristeller

Rev. Julia Kristeller is an ordained Interfaith Minister and Pastoral Care Specialist with a strong background in the Creative Art Therapies. She brings over 35 years experience facilitating creative programs in educational, corporate, spiritual, community, and healthcare settings.

At PSI she offers Premarital Counseling & Marriage Enrichment. She also works in Interfaith Community Outreach and support particularly for immigrant women and offers unique programs for creative and spiritual sustenance, adjunct to PSI’s clinical services.

A graduate of One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in Manhattan, Julia holds a Masters in Creative Arts and Learning, from Lesley University and a BA in Psychology and Education from Mt. Holyoke college, and has completed Prepare/Enrich training for working with couples prior to and after marriage. She is the founder of Ovations! offering spiritual and Interfaith rituals, gatherings, weddings, and other ceremonies. Julia has taught undergraduates and graduate students about the power of play and expressive and art therapy and presented at conferences nationally and internationally. She also draws on her many years of work with patients, staff and families in hospice and hospitals and her pastoral care experience in congregational settings.

Julia’s diverse depth of experience gives her unique insight into human and spiritual development and into the importance of the creative process at work and in our personal growth an healing. She believes we could be living and working more effectively, fully, and joyfully if we had greater access to the creative expression that is our birthright.

Premarital Counseling/Marriage Enrichment

Carefully structured sessions serve as a mirror for exploring the strengths, resources, and challenges each of you bring to your marriage, to better prepare you for your future together. Julia specializes in using journaling and creative exercises in working with couples from all backgrounds, faith traditions, and sexual orientations, particularly Interfaith couples.

Marriage Enrichment: Couples looking to revitalize their marriage or find spiritual support, can use sessions for enriching their relationship.

Services for Creative & Spiritual Sustenance

Living Through Transitions: Re-Creating Ourselves

Life transitions often call on us to re-create a new image of ourselves—or our life as we know it. The creative arts and journaling can be both healing and empowering tools during such times.

  • Creative/Spiritual Journaling Group: Safe, supportive space to process, problem-solve, and create together through transitions.
  • Journaling for Individuals: Personal sessions to explore your life transition through creative journaling that taps your inner resources. An enlightening, empowering, and healing way to uncover facets of oneself, and one’s vision for the future.

Taking Time Out: Re-Treating Ourselves.

Stress and multi-tasking are endemic in today’s lifestyle and workplaces. These sessions offer an accessible way to take time apart to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit.

  • Mini-Retreats: Full or half-day retreats for creative and spiritual sustenance—without leaving the city. Nothing to accomplish but to take restorative time for you and your creative spirit.
  • Caring for Caregivers: For Faith Leaders, Healthcare Professionals, Therapists         Targeted retreats and workshops that creatively integrate mind/body/spirit. Take time to care for your own well-being as you continue to meet the ongoing demands of supporting others.
  • Staff Development: Creativity workshops carefully designed to enhance personal efficacy, work relationships, problem solving, visioning, and communications—and to relieve staff stress. Unique experiences that tap into staff resources not always accessed through traditional staff development or meetings.

All services can be customized for your particular group or organizational needs, and may be co-facilitated with other PSI staff.

Contact Rev. Kristeller at or 212-285-0043 x115 to schedule an appointment or arrange for a one of her special programs.