Treating Mind and Spirit as One


Our multidisciplinary PSI staff includes a wide array of helping professionals, including mental health counselors, clinical social workers, psychoanalysts, and pastoral psychotherapists; it is uniquely qualified to address both emotional and spiritual health. We are an inclusive organization that serves and affirms people of all faiths, economic levels, ethnic backgrounds and sexual orientations.

Mary Ragan, PhD, LCSW, Executive Director

Peggy Ann Barnett, PhD, LMHC, Site Coordinator, St. Bartholomew Counseling Center
Gary Lee Hellman, PsyD, LP, LMHC, Site Coordinator, St. John’s in the Village Counseling Center
H. Kimball Jones, PhD, LMHC, Site Coordinator, Rutger’s Counseling Center
Paul Kelly, MA, LMHC, CSAT, Site Coordinator, Trinity Counseling Center

Michael Bednarski, PhD
Wayne R. Cato, MBA, LCSW
Ann Durant, LCSW
Edmund Griffin, MD, PHD
Jessica E. Heller, MPS, ATR-BC, LCAT
Kathleen Kelley, MDiv, LMFT
Sarah McCaslin, MDiv, LMSW
Kathleen Sharkey, LCSW
Kim Schneiderman, LCSW
Sarah Ward, LCSW, MDiv, CYT

PSI comprises a group of seasoned therapists who draw from a variety of effective modalities, including established ones such as cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic approaches, and family systems theory, as well as newer treatments such as somatic experiencing, EMDR, Emotionally Focused Therapy, and mindfulness-based approaches.

All our therapists are able to incorporate the spiritual dimension for our clients who find that a significant part of their lives and each is licensed in the State of New York. Our therapy sessions are offered on a sliding scale. PSI also offers community outreach and psychoeducational programming and provides consultation services to interested groups.

All of our clinicians are licensed. Some accept in-network insurance coverage; all are eligible for out-of-network coverage, depending on your plan.

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Interfaith Minister

Julia Kristeller, MEd

Board of Trustees

The Rev. John Kamas, Chair
Joseph Merlino, MD, Vice Chair & Secretary
David Sorblum, Treasurer

Psychiatric Consultants

Mark Cannon, MD
Mark Dollar, MD
Elizabeth Lazar, MD
Collette Pycha, CS, NP
Jane Simon, MD