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PSI in Practice: Re-creating Ourselves: Creativity, Transitions, and Healing

Please join us for our June PSI in Practice “Re-creating Ourselves: Creativity, Transitions, and Healing” presented by Rev. Julia Kristeller, M.Ed.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013
10:30a – 12:00p
New Location: 74 Trinity Place, 2nd Floor Parlor

The creative process can engage the whole being-body, mind, and spirit. When not judged, it can free us from repetitive thoughts and give voice to that place where our soul and spirit lives—where our images dwell, our stories reside, our new vision of self can be born.

We will explore the creative process as a vehicle for supporting self-awareness, healing, spiritual sustenance, and communication of that which may be difficult to access through words, particularly as we process transitions in life. This interactive session will present individual and community work and include the use of simple tools such as visual and spiritual journaling, self-portraits, poetry and other modalities.

About the Presenter

Julia Kristeller is an Interfaith Minister and consultant with a strong background in Creative Art Therapy. At PSI she offers pre-marital and spiritual counseling and creative support services to diverse groups, specializing in working with women and helping professionals coping with stress. She has taught kindergarten through graduate school and also draws on her work with patients, staff, and families in hospice and hospitals. A graduate of One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, she also holds a Masters in Creative Arts and Learning.

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