Treating Mind and Spirit as One

PSI in Practice: Spiritual Self Care

Please join us for our May PSI in Practice “Spiritual Self Care” presented by Kelly Murphy Mason

Wednesday, May 1, 2013
10:30a – 12:00p
Located at the New York Open Center*
22 East 30th Street (between 5th and Madison)
*This event is not affiliated with New York Open Center.

Whether we work as mental health professionals, clergy, educators, pastoral caregivers, or medical providers we routinely encounter the depth and scope of human need. We are not only asked to tap our skills, training and expertise, but also make the fullest use of ourselves as persons. How can we do so without becoming rapidly depleted in the process?

In this workshop we will consider best practices around self-care, specifically as they relate to our spiritual selves.

Program Description

As integrative approaches become more prevalent in the helping professions, we helpers need to attend more closely to our own integration around mind/body/spirit. What does healthy spirit-care look like both professionally and personally? Those questions will guide our inquiry into a topic that is simultaneously numinous and vital. Spiritual and religious resources will be explored for their unique potential in sustaining us in our work and in our lives.

About the Presenter

Kelly Murphy Mason is a clinical pastoral psychotherapist at the Psychotherapy and Spirituality Institute as well as the Pastoral Counselor at Union Theological Seminary in New York City. She consults with faith communities on matters related to mental health and human flourishing and also offers educational programming on psychological and spiritual integration including concerns of religious and cultural competency.

Certificate of Attendance available upon request.

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