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PSI in Practice: Using Jung’s Type Theory and Temperament as Adjuncts to Psychotherapy

Please join us for our March PSI in Practice “Using Jung’s Type Theory and Temperament as Adjuncts to Psychotherapy” presented by Michael Bednarski, PhD.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013
10:30a – 12:00p
Located at the New York Open Center*
22 East 30th Street (between 5th and Madison)
*This event is not affiliated with New York Open Center.

This presentation provides an interactive discussion of the impact temperament has on mental health, wellness, and treatment efficacy when used in the process of psychotherapy. Jung’s work on conscious psychology and temperament research provides a framework from which therapists can organize behavior, cognitive styles, and coping styles in ways that are immediately beneficial to clients, as well as providing a tool for sharpening diagnostic accuracy and the formation of individualized, client-centered treatments.

Whether you are familiar with type theory or not, this presentation will introduce to you different ways to conceptualize normative client behavior that is often pathologized in today’s mental health system, as well as to provide techniques that facilitate rapport and actionable behavior with most clients. The presentation will also discuss therapist temperament and its impact on the therapeutic process with the use of an online survey of psychological types at It is suggested that attendees take this brief survey in advance of the presentation, but it is not required to participate.

About Michael Bednarski, PhD:
Michael Bednarski is a staff psychologist with the Psychotherapy & Spirituality Institute. His interest and application of type theory in the work of psychotherapy and wellness spans over 25 years of practice helping individuals and organizations work towards personal well-being and healthy work environments.

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