Treating Mind and Spirit as One

PSI Returning Veterans Program

On March 23 and 24, PSI participated in the second of three networking meetings in New York City hosted by Intersections International. These meetings will bring together Veterans, educators, chaplains, clinicians, and leaders in post-conflict transformation.

One of the desired outcomes of these meetings is to design a series of “Witnessing Forums” that would bring veterans and others together for a process that allows for speaking and listening in the service of healing. Veterans will have an opportunity to talk about their experiences in a small group setting consisting of other veterans and a facilitator.

At the forums veterans will also have an opportunity to be connected to an array of referral services, including housing, financial counseling, mental health treatment and substance abuse treatment.

Dr. Mary Ragan is working with PSI Board member Scott Thompson (the Program Director of Intersections International) to listen to the experiences of veterans, their families, and care providers, and to identify characteristics and best practices for effective programs and treatments.

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