The Psychotherapy & Spirituality Institute is thrilled to welcome Mia Tootill, LCSW, CMT-P, CIMHP to our clinical staff. Mia is an integrative psychotherapist and polyvagal theory consultant whose aim is to help clients slow down, get to know their nervous systems better, and feel empowered to acknowledge and advocate for their needs.

Mia is a NY State Licensed Psychotherapist (LCSW) and holds certifications in mindfulness teaching (from The Interdependence Project), integrative medicine for mental health, and the Safe & Sound Protocol. She sees individual clients through teletherapy and in-person at the PSI Tarrytown office. Mia also offers individual and group polyvagal theory clinical consultations to providers who want support in using a polyvagal-informed approach in their work.

Learn more about Mia and how to contact her here.

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