Reframing Your Narrative About Challenging Relationships

Have you ever noticed that the same type of person keeps showing up in your life and pushing all of your buttons? Why do these individuals and situations keep appearing in the storyline of your life? Is it just to senselessly aggravate you?

If you answered “yes,” you may feel like a victim, and that probably doesn’t feel very good. When we feel like a victim, we feel a heavy sense of powerless that, if gone unchecked, can lead to depression, health issues, and low self-esteem.

But what if there was another way to look at challenging people and situations that left you feeling empowered, and perhaps even a little inspired? The good news is that you can reframe such tensions as opportunities to open your heart, expand your awareness, strengthen your emotional muscles, take constructive action, and deepen your appreciation for the mystery of life.

Reframe Your Narrative
In this 10-week course, Kim Schneiderman, LCSW, author of “Step Out of Your Story: Writing Exercises to Reframe and Transform Your Life,” presents a series of research-based writing exercises that can help you reframe adversity as a “character development workout,” a custom-made, emotional journey designed to help you build strengths while further honing areas within yourself that haven’t been fully developed. Using perspective-bending writing exercises, you will tap into the voice of your omniscient narrator to find an elevated, compassionate perspective on your emotionally-charged storyline. This and other writing techniques, some cued with guided meditation, will help you transform self-defeating stories into soul narratives, leaving you feeling inspired and empowered regardless of circumstances.

Only $10 for 10 lessons you can do on your own time. DailyOM gives you a choice of paying $10, $25, or $40.

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