Treating Mind and Spirit as One

Request a Therapist Referral

This form will be transmitted directly to a PSI therapist by email. Please use it only to arrange a contact; do not write any confidential information here. You may speak confidentially to a PSI therapist when you are contacted by telephone.

We cannot provide counseling by email or telephone, but email or telephone contact is welcome to initiate a face-to-face appointment.

Please be sure you have filled in the form so we will be able to contact you. We do not collect any personal information other than what you provide on the form. The information will only be used by a PSI therapist to respond to your request; it will not be shared with anyone else.

If you aren’t ready to arrange an appointment, and just want to ask a question about therapy, counseling and spirituality, call our administrative offices at (212) 285-0043.

Request a Therapist Referral