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Communication Skills for Professionals

Are you a finance or business professional concerned with growing your client base or keeping clients in this difficult economy?

Have you been told you’re not a team player?

Do you have difficulty expressing yourself as confidently as you would like?

Do you spend too much time thinking about what you want to say and miss the opportunity to say it?

Do you seem to say the wrong things at the wrong time?

Do you think faster than you speak and lose your point?

Are you worried about how you come across to peers, clients, and superiors?

Are you having difficulty in your personal relationships?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you will benefit from this course. Whether you struggle to communicate effectively or just want to improve your skills, this personalized coaching will help you master how you interact with others in your work and personal life.

What makes this approach unique?

It is custom tailored to your unique needs! First, through a detailed personal history, we explore the early roots of your unique interaction style. Next we determine how your personal temperament and learning experiences have shaped how you respond to different people in different situations. Research shows that our early interactions often determine the impact of our adult interactions. Based upon these results, we will design a personalized plan to help you quickly shed years of ineffective communication “habits”.

The simple but effective techniques we use will help you immediately to recognize and improve how you communicate, so that you can express yourself to others with clarity and confidence. Self-awareness in personal and professional communications has been found to be the key to success and happiness. And strong communication skills are easy and interesting to learn and apply.

How it works:

Because every individual’s needs and personality are unique, the training can vary from one person to another. On average, there are 5 to 10 weekly face-to-face meetings or phone sessions. Usually, after 5 sessions, meetings will be spaced two or three weeks apart. Throughout the training handouts and practice exercises tailored to your unique needs or situation are provided for recognition and practice of the skills areas identified in the initial assessment. You will even have the option for immediate feedback and coaching if you are involved in a situation that requires ongoingh advice and strategizing.

You will learn:

  1. how your unique personality traits influence how you communicate and react to others
  2. to recognize and effectively adapt to difficult conversations
  3. techniques to relax and stay focused and productive in stressful or upsetting situations
  4. to recognize and change negative thoughts that impact how you express yourself
  5. to recognize and effectively use non-verbal behavior
  6. how to influence others
  7. how to develop trust and respect with customers and clients

All sessions are conducted by Dr. Michael Bednarski, a psychologist with over twenty five years experience helping professionals recognize and master communications obstacles. Dr. Bednarski will help you become aware of the influence your own psychology and unique personal history have on how you react and relate to others. Individuals who have taken this training report that it has dramatically changed how they work and interact with others. They report improved life and work satisfaction and confidence in their everyday relations. For a free consultation call Dr. Bednarski.

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