Treating Mind and Spirit as One

Group Psychotherapy and Workshops

PSI offers support groups, educational events, workshops, and group psychotherapy that explores the needs and interests of specific groups. These may be one-time events or time-limited offerings, or they may be ongoing indefinitely. Examples of recent PSI offerings include:

• Grief groups during the holiday season
• Support groups for new mothers
• Creative arts workshops
• Support groups for spouses of addicts
• Arab-American women’s groups
• Free support group for unemployed persons:

This ongoing PSI group meets every Tuesday from 11:00a-12:00p in Rutgers Presbyterian Church and has met for several years now. Group members participate in a helpful exchange of information and find that the frustration of looking for work in this economy can be eased through the sharing of useful job-search resources. New members are always welcome. The group is led by Kimball Jones, PhD, LMHC, Site Coordinator for the PSI Rutgers Counseling Center. If you are interesting in joining this group, contact Dr. Jones at 212-580-7974 or email him at There is no fee for group participants.

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