Treating Mind and Spirit as One

Spiritual Problem – Spritiual Solution

Journeying into the Spiritual “Dis-ease” of Addiction


Alcoholism and addictions are often defined as a malady of the spirit, mind and body, when the spiritual malady is over, the physical and mental can straighten out. While alcohol and other drugs cannot touch the spirit directly they do ‘knock out the brains ability to serve as sensory instrument of the soul.’ The result is spiritual dysfunction or “dis-ease.” Recognizing that “the problem defines the solution,” this workshop will explore the illness at: the level of the body- can’t use; the illness at the level of the mind – can’t quit; and, the illness at the level of the spirit – can’t change.

Wednesday, April 22 / 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Trinity Wall Street | 74 Trinity Place | 2nd Floor Parlor

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