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Spotlight on Jarret Schecter, LMSW

PSI is thrilled to welcome Jarret Schecter, LMSW, as our graduate intern for the 2020-2021 academic year. Jarret is currently completing his doctoral degree in counseling psychology from Middlesex University in London. He also holds a BA from Tulane University and an MSW in Advanced Clinical Practice from Columbia University.

Prior to entering the field of social work and psychology, Jarret spent many years as a photojournalist and has published numerous photography books on themes of poverty, inequality, discrimination  and other adverse, socio political issues. He currently runs a nonprofit aimed at creating “empathic partnerships with social entrepreneurs.”

Jarret brings a similar sensibility to his psychotherapeutic work, focusing on the universality of the human experience and helping clients move toward more meaningful, purposeful, and happy lives.

Jarret is accepting new clients and works on a sliding scale.

For more information about Jarret Schecter, or to contact him for a consultation, email or call (917) 622-7850.

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Jarret Schecter, LMSW, is a humanistic and existential psychotherapist who works collaboratively with clients to address their particular challenges, needs and desires. As every person and situation is uniquely different, his approach is to flexibly and gently explore what works best for each client. Although the application of different psychotherapeutic theory and practice is important, it is, as research has repeatedly shown, the quality of the client and therapist’s relationship that is most important in facilitating well-being.

At the heart of his practice is the existential condition that, as human beings, we inevitably face challenges such as anxiety, sadness, loneliness, loss, trauma and identity. How we relate to these challenges affects how we create purpose, meaning, and in turn, happiness in our lives.

Jarret works with clients to:

  • Explore values and goals in order to live a fuller and more enriching life.
  • Reduce conflicts that may be holding clients back in their personal and professional lives.
  • Discover alternative pathways to live with greater satisfaction and meaning.

He has a BA in philosophy from Tulane University, an MSW in Advanced Clinical Practice from Columbia University, and is currently finishing a doctoral degree in counseling psychology from Middlesex University.

Jarret was formerly a photojournalist and is currently the director of a  nongovernmental organization (NGO) that promotes the three E’s of Empathy, Equality and Entrepreneurship for middle and high school aged youth.

He is available for free phone and video consultations for prospective clients.


Telephone: (917) 622-7850

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