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Support Group for Unemployed Persons

This group meets every Tuesday from 11am to 12 noon in the Daniel Russell Room on the first floor of the Rutgers Presbyterian Church (entrance on 73rd Street, just west of Broadway). The group has been meeting for one year. 7 of the original 10 members of the group have found employment since the group began. This is due in part to the helpful exchange of information that occurs among the members of the group.

The frustration of looking for work in this down economy can be eased considerably through the sharing of job-search information including URL’s on which jobs are posted, workshops for the unemployed, etc. The group, which is led by Dr.Kimball Jones, West Side Area Director of PSI will continue to meet until at least the end of June. New members are always welcome.

If you have any questions about the group, you can contact Dr. Jones at 212-580-7974 or email him at

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