Treating Mind and Spirit as One

Courses offered in collaboration with PSI and TeleHealth Certification Institute.

CECs available to NYSED certified LMSWs, LCSWs, LMFTs, LCATs, and psychologists


Legal Aspects of TeleMental Health (1.5 CECs)
Wednesday, January 19, 9:30 am – 11 am ET on Zoom

This session covers basic legal aspects of providing online behavioral health services. The session will also provide an overview of how to access important legal information if you currently, or plan to, practice in a different state than the state in which you are licensed. The uniqueness of behavioral health services related to confidentiality is also covered in this course, along with guidelines and requirements of HIPAA law.

Learning Objectives:

● Explain process of determining legality of telemental health practice for those with clients outside the jurisdiction of clinical licensure;
● Define three risks to confidentiality when using technology, including breaches to protected health information;
● Articulate requirements of the privacy and security rules in HIPAA law, as well as the three safeguards.


Ethics of TeleMental Health (1.5 CECs)
Wednesday, January 26, 9:30 am – 11 am ET on Zoom

This session offer tools for implementing the ethical guidelines of various mental health disciplines for telemental health. The codes of ethics and practice guidelines of almost every behavioral health professional association inform the content of this course, including APA, NBCC, NASW, ACA, AAMFT, and ASWB. This session will address how to select technology that is compliant with the applicable laws and ethics for your profession. It will also cover the legal and privacy aspects of billing for services.

Learning Objectives:

● Articulate methods of ensuring an online clinical practice within the ethical guidelines and boundaries of various professions;
● Identify and explain the ethical, legal, and clinical considerations in choosing technology;
● Describe three possible ethical dilemmas that can occur when providing telemental health.


TeleMental Health Clinical Skills: Best Practices (1.5 CECs)

Wednesday, February 2, 9:30 am – 11 am ET on Zoom

This session will offer thorough review of the clinical aspects of providing behavioral health services via video and phone sessions. The session will assist clinicians in developing clear and documented plans for responding to emergencies both in the midst of and in between sessions. You will address best practices for establishing tailored emergency management plans for each client, different locations, and modalities of communication. Learn to assess whether or not an individual is likely to be a fit for receiving behavioral health services from you or your organization depending on if they are going to receive services at your office, through video conferencing, a phone session, or via secure messaging. This program will touch on the essential ethical and clinical skills of providing video sessions and phone sessions to your clients.

You will cover some of the competencies of setting up the technology, the clinical setting, preparing the client, responding to technical issues, technology options, how to effectively use technology, communication skills specifically for video conferencing and phone sessions, and documentation.

  • Describe how to establish with the client an emergency management plan for each session in both a supervised and unsupervised environment and the process of responding to an emergency during a telemental health session;
  • Use three criteria to assess if a prospective and/or current client is a fit for telemental health services;
  • Demonstrate how to provide an effective video or phone session from start to finish.