Treating Mind and Spirit as One

Who is my SELF and what is my WORK

We invite you to attend our next Wednesday morning forum for clergy, therapists, and other clinicians and helping professionals.

These sessions include presentations by members of the staff of PSI and/or invited guests with opportunities for engagement by participants in topics and modalities integrating psychotherapy and spirituality.

PSI’s forums will generally be held on the first Wednesday of each month.
Please join us for our next forum:
Who is my SELF and what is my WORK?
facilitated by Mary Ragan, PHD, LCSW
January 11, 2012
10:30 am – 12 noon
Located at the NY Open Center*, 22 East 30th Street, NY, NY
(*This event is not affiliated with the NY Open Center)

Download Flyer (PDF)

This session will focus on helping individuals and organizations function from a deeper place, with more awareness of the unconscious dynamics that shape individual and organizational life. Using a model developed by Otto Scharmer, an organizational consultant from MIT, we will examine what he calls the three requirements for spiritual and psychological health: an open mind, an open heart and an open will. Please come with all three and we will learn together.

Mary Ragan, PhD, LCSW is the area director at Trinity, one of the four sites of PSI, where she practices as a clinical social worker, and is project manager for PSI’s program of outreach to veterans called IN OUR OWN VOICE: Women Veterans Tell Their Story. She also serves as an adjunct assistant professor at Columbia University School of Social Work and as adjunct faculty at Hebrew Union College and New York Theological Seminary, and taught for many years at General Theological Seminary. Mary is a consultant to a variety of leadership teams, in both religious and secular organizations and her cross-­‐cultural work has taken her to Venezuela, Bolivia and Guatemala.

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